Environment changes fast.

Sentinel lets you track, learn and act.

A remote IoT gateway for environmental sensing

The Stratolit Sentinel rugged hardware is a complete environment monitoring solution that comprises a set of embedded sensors for weather monitoring as well as a local long-range link to collect data from other sensors. All the data is sent to a satellite constellation, then to an online monitoring tool, the OuterCloud.

Further, custom state-of-the-art machine learn, and IA algorithms learns with the data to provide reliable predictions and alerts for a full set of field parameters.

  • Hyperlocal weather
  • Field/soil conditions
  • Remote assets status
  • Energy consumption
  • Fire & other hazards
  • Productive chain conditions
  • ...And many more

System Sentinel-1


Stratolit brings Sentinel: an all-in-one environmental monitoring solution for remote applications. Equipped with solid state sensors and solar-power-ready, the station can operate off the grid with minimum maintenance. Further, a local wireless link can be used to connect extra sensors, tailoring the state-of-the-art satellite connectivity for a broad range of applications.

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Stratolit Dashboard

A complete data portal

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Any data with no interpretation is pointless. To get the most value from it, Stratolit proposes the OuterCloud – A multiple data source, sentinel ready, web BI application with ever-evolving analytics tools. Using the most modern machine learning techniques coupled with powerful cloud computing, the OuterCloud can provide assertive forecasting. Visualize the data, customize alerts and generate bulletins for better decision making.

Access the OuterCloud BETA version now and learn more.

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“Stratolit is looking for beta testers. Subscribe now for an opportunity to get a Sentinel station and the OuterCloud dashboard access for free and help us remove the remote data gathering barriers for a more connected, reliable and efficient world. A Stratolit agent will reach you shortly for more information.

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