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Acessible Prices for IoT applications

Intuitive tool to bring intelligence to your business
STRATOLIT Weather Station & IOT-2-Satellite Gateway Sentinel-1

A Weather Station working
as a IoT-2-Satellite Gateway

Slide Connect different sensors within a wide area on the ground. to the space constellation of sattelites ready to receive your local data.

"An IoT gateway to create your hyperlocal network"

Slide Satellite Conection (Long Range) Mesh Network with LoRa (Medium Range) WiFi link (Short Range) Solid-State Rain Sensor Ultrassonic Wind Sensor Temp Sensor Dew Point Sensor

Solving the lack of connectivity for remote IoT applications

Local network for each application

0 km
local radius coverage
0 max
nodes connected

Some Sentinel-1 application


Francesco Lena

co-founder / Material Engineering
Other Associations: Cirrus Lab CNPEM/Sirius University of São Paulo

Lucas Fonseca

co-founder / MSc. Space Engineering
Other Associations: DLR, Mission Rosetta, Garatéa, Airvantis, awarded by the IISC as 35 under 35 space entrepreneur.

Martim Mattos

co-founder / MBA
Other Associations: Hopper Capital, Green Field, Hypermarcas.