Sentinel hardware overview

Piezo Rain Sensor

  • Kinetic Energy based sensor
  • single drop resolution
  • minimal maintenance

Solar Radiometer

  • Silicon detector
  • bandpass filter
  • high accuracy

Embeded satelite antenna

  • gprs/ wifi free connection
  • low subscription cost
  • wordwide coverage

Ultrassonic wind sensor

  • wind speed & direction
  • no moving parts
  • minimal maintence

Single button operation

  • simple commands
  • sound feedback
  • waterproof

Air sensor & antenna

  • temperature, humidity & pressure
  • ptfe membrane cover
  • local link antenna

Sun radiator shield

  • optimized air flow
  • sensors shielding
  • durable pvc

& others features

  • aluminium allow body
  • uv resistant epoxy coating
  • low power consumption (< 0.3w, 5v)
  • solar power supply ready
  • internal digital compass
  • wifi connection (update tranfer)
  • built in gps/gnss
  • sound feedback
  • bubble level

Sentinel hardware overview:


Deploy faster:

The solution is design for the fastest deployment. Chose a monthly OuterCloud access plan for your station ID then simple attach the Sentinel over our aluminum pole or tripod, plug the solar power chord and go. The built in GPS receiver will update the station position while a digital compass will determine its orientation. Need to pair extra Stratolit wireless sensors? Simple follow the single button pairing instructions over the manual. All the configuration is sent automatically to the OuterCloud.

Install and forget:

The Sentinel monitoring station is tough. Different from most of weather stations Sentinel has no moving parts. Not having anything that can lock or clog ensures a minimal maintenance, being the perfect solution for remote application where human access is hard. Built from strong aluminum alloy and with pristine electronics, Sentinel lasts for years and years.


Go off the grid:

Using a modern, ultra low power satellite transmitter, Sentinel can send the data payloads from the most remote places, where Wi-Fi or cellular data is completely absent. Afraid from the latency? Our solution configurable refresh rate can be as good as 5 minutes. Also, the efficient electronics can operate from the small solar panel and keep running off the grid indefinitely, even during the cloudiest days.